10 Tips for Plastic Free Christmas

Having a plastic free Christmas is easy with these simple tips.

  1. Family and Friends:
    Let your family and friends know that you would like to have a plastic free Christmas and get them on board.
  2. Festive Decorations:
    Sprigs of holly and fir, twigs and branches, mistletoe and pine cones, strings of cranberries and popcorn and homemade cookies make beautiful additions to your festive home. We love the Christmas decorations and gifts from LittleBirdSOS their products are not just beautiful but they are handcrafted, made from unwanted materials and natures discards. All net proceeds from sales support their community projects.
  3. Plastic Free Christmas Cards:
    Please avoid those plastic-coated holiday cards and look for some made of recyclable paper and if they support a charity even better.
  4. Visit your local Christmas market for ideas and inspiration:
    In local markets, you can find not just gifts, but recyclable cards and decorations, while you support your local artisans or businesses.
  5. Wrapping Paper:
    Out with the no-recyclable, glittery Christmas paper and IN with recyclable paper, and paper bags.
  6. Gifts:
    Give presents that help people enrol into a plastic free and zero waste life style. Make sure your gifts are free of any plastic, micro-beads and glitter. Plastic free hampers, Wooden personalised toys and decorations (ForeverandAlways29), organic fair-trade T-Shirts (McBean) and re-usable water bottles are a good idea, but our plastic-free toiletries are a must have, as is a way to introduce your friends and family to a more environmentally friendly and healthier form of pampering.
  7. Xmas Drinks:
    Real glasses always look better, avoid plastic straws and stirrers. Instead, add to the magic with mint leaves, rosemary, cranberries and orange. Freezing your autumn blackberries in ice cube trays makes for a great addition to your winter cocktails.
  8. Xmas Food:
    Proper plates, with real cutlery and Homemade food will not only make a classier get together, but you’ll dramatically reduce your plastic waste. Some quick and easy nibbles you can make plastic free: truffles, mince pies, crudités, cheese twists, potato skins, sausage, sweet potato wedges, sundried tomato, stuffed olives, bruschetta, homemade crisps and many, many more!
  9. Christmas Crackers:
    Pulling the Christmas crackers is a fun tradition, but do you really need that plastic puzzle. Make your own crackers and fill them up with plastic free items you will find plenty of online tutorials.
  10. Shopping:
    Do not forget to take your reusable bags while doing your Christmas shopping.

Have a happy plastic free holiday season!

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